Current Exhibitions


9th International Fiber Biennial

On view from March 7, 2014 to April 26, 2014.


For 17 years we have been mounting International Fiber Biennials, whose initial objectives were – and are - the re-examination of textiles and fibers as a pathway connecting modern art to the oldest instincts in human culture. It has been gratifying to see that this long journey, led in its early days by champions such as Jack Lenor Larsen and Mildred Constantine and their early exhibits at MOMA in the late ‘60’s, has come of age as a legitimate and substantive part of contemporary art history.

This exhibition, curated by Gallery Director Frank Hopson, Assistant Director Kat Moran, with the able skills of Gallery Preparator/Installer Michael Bukowski, has been almost two years in the making. Every piece was chosen to showcase the individual practices of each of the more than 50 invited artists. Many of the artists created specific pieces for the Biennial, making this their first public showing.

The works range in scale from Karyl Sisson’s intimate Straw Village, constructed from vintage drinking straws, to Jon Eric Riis’ imposing Young Icarus Diptych, each section a tapestry of woven silk and metallic threads. There are more than 80 individual works in the Biennial, representing artists from United States, South Korea, Lithuania, Japan, Ireland and Denmark.

Rick Snyderman