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Mi-Kyoung Lee

The repetitive process of mark making has been a great strength in my work. I allow my intellect and body to follow the rhythmic processes of repetition, understanding the relationships between tool and material, the material and process, and image and content.

The consistent process of art making is ritual ceremony. My entire body and soul purely united. The inspiration behind my images unfolds with the mysterious human life.

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Mi-Kyoung Lee,  Bubble Installation at Allens Lane Art Center, Twist Ties, 2016

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  • Allens%20lane%20art%20ctr%20%22bubbles%22%20detail
  • Allens%20lane%20art%20ctr%20'bubbles%222016
  • Lee%20dream%20(1)
  • Lee%20dream%20detail%202015
  • Thread%20drawing%201_%20full%20
  • Thread%20drawing%201_%20bbac
  • Thread%20drawing%201_%20full%202
  • Thread%20drawing%201_%20full%203
  • Below%201-2013
  • Below%202-2013%20detail
  • Untitled%231(red)
  • Untitled%234(gray)
  • _lee%20%232%20untitled
  • Lee%20%232%20untitled-detail
  • Lee_thread%20drawing%204_15
  • Lee_thread%20drawing_detail%2015
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  • Mi-kyoung_lee5-08
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