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Eric Boos

To paraphrase the great Duke Ellington, if it looks good, it is good.

I'm interested in a lot of different things. I love writhing, growing, organic forms of all sorts. They are infectious. They have ruled the Earth for billions of years. I love juicy colors, and voluptuous forms, and sensuous surfaces that invite touching. I love clean, graceful, precise lines, and edges so sharp you can almost shave with them. I want my pieces to sizzle your senses, to delight and dazzle you. I also want my pieces to be fun, innocent, and a little tongue in cheek.

I mostly use porcelain, because it's what I know and love, and it's perfectly white. I also love ceramic glazes for their depth and vibrant colors. Both materials are rich and sensual and responsive. But in the end, I feel free to use whatever works, whatever "looks good."

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Eric Boos, Wine Bowl, ceramic clay and glaze, 17" x 12" x 9", 2014-16

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  • Wine%20bowl%2017w%20x%2012h%20x%209d%20
  • Silver%20mirror%20bowl%2017w%20x%2013h%20x%206d%20(1)
  • Silver%20lily%20bowl%2019w%20x%208h%20x%208d%20
  • Red%20crescent%20bowl%2018w%20x%2010h%20x%207d%20(1)
  • Rainy%20evening%20bowl%2016w%20x%208h%20x%209d%20(1)
  • Black%20glossy%20bowl%2020w%20x%2014h%20x%209d%20
  • Black%20crescent%20bowl%207w%20x%209h%20x%207d(1)