Ceres Rangos

Ceres began studying basket weaving in Virginia in the early 1990’s. After relocating to Pittsburgh in 1994, she started to explore beyond fundamental techniques. Introduced to the basics of coiling on gourds and pottery, she began incorporating various natural materials into her work. Since that time, she has been largely self-taught, experimenting with coiling looser, more organic vessels in which movement, color and form take precedence over the vessel’s utilitarian function. Most recently she has transitioned from coiling vessels to coiling abstract sculptures. She has shown in a number of local and regional galleries and museums and has won numerous awards. Her work appears in private collections in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland and Israel. She is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh.

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Ceres Rangos, Pillars of Dawn, Reed, Irish waxed linen thread, 13" x 9", 2014

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